Changing Product after new Global Options

Is there a way to add or update global options once a product has been created. I am still learning this package, which is great and just what I wanted. However, I created some products and then realized that not all of my options were correct in the global options. I updated the global options, but the products do not show them.

Is there a way to update the products without starting over? is the site if you need to take a look. The emblem field should show more options for hats.

Hello rlaubert,

In this case you should do the following:

  1. In the administration panel, go to Catalog > Global options.
  2. Click on the “Apply to products” link.
  3. On the opened page, add the necessary products that you want to apply options and select the necessary option(s) in the “Select options” section adn select the “Apply as link” check box.
  4. Click the “Apply” button.

    The selected global option(s) will be re-applied to the necessary products and if you change option variants in the future, it will affect the products that you selected.

    Pavel Zyukin

    CS-Cart Support team