Changing Page Text in Version 4

This seems to be such a simple question, but it is madening when you cannot figure it out. We had someone put together a site/template in version 4. I want to change the text on some pages, such as the homepage. I have searched all the template files for the text on that page and cannot find it anywhere. How do I change basic content text on the homepage?


It could literally be anywhere depending on how the template was coded. It may have been implemented as it should be, so that the content is accessible in the admin via Design>Layouts>Homepage tab. Click the Cog icon of a block to view the contents of the block - your text may be in there.

Or, the text has been implemented using language variables. Search Administration>Languages>Translations for some of the content. You may find it here.

Failing that, it's probably hard-coded into the template files.

In any case, if it is not the former, I'd ditch the template immediately without a second thought.

I had this same problem webmonk, Administration>Languages>Translations is where all the variable stuff lives and if it's not in there is usually hand-coded into the block.

CS-Cart could really do with a basic, beginners guide.