changing (only) sitenews background

When designing our store (3.06) in CS-cart I've had some trouble trying to to edit the design of the news page (as well as a few other pages, such as: order, wish list and subscriptions). In our case we just want to make the background of our newspage white. (currently we have a grey background on the whole website)

I could find the other pages (content pages, and the home page etc.) when I went to design > blocks, go to the right page I could change wrappers there, which I also want to apply to the news page and other pages I listed there. Though there are no blocks named “site news”.

Is there anyone who could explain me where I can edit the design of my news page, just like I edited the other content pages?

Do you have created new locations?

  1. Go to Design → Blocks → Add location.
  2. Select the news option or orders. For the wishlist select Custom and paste the text “wishlist-view”.

  3. Give the lowest grid a CSS .class. In the stylesheet, you can customize the design.

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