Changing news titlebar

Right now, the titlebar for news articles show the article title plus homepage titles as entered in settings.

So for any instance, let's say my homepage meta title in settings is: - Custom TShirts - Cool TShirts - Buy TShirts

** this is just an example. i do not own or operate ***

and I have an articled titled: “How to Order T-Shirts Online”, the title on the top of the browser appears as:

News: How to Order T-Shirts Online - Custom TShirts - Cool TShirts - Buy TShirts

It's basically combining the site title with the article title.

My SEO programs are showing that as too many characters for a title.

Is there a way to edit code so that on news articles it removes “New:” and “ - Custom TShirts - Cool TShirts - Buy TShirts” to only show the article title of “How to Order T-Shirts Online”.


Depending on your CS-Cart version, Design>Blocks or Design>Layout, create a Location for 'news'. There you can add a custom page title for news pages.

Thank you so much StellarBytes.