Changing From A Configurable Product Back To Simple One?

So we have cloned variation products to products that do not need variations and now we can't track stock without creating a variation.

In the DB can we manually alter to a simple product, is there any issue in doing so?


Which version of Multi-Vendor are you using?

What do you mean by "you cloned variations products to other products"? Have you messed something up with variations groups? (feature in Multi-Vendor 4.10.1)

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Michael, team Soft-Solid

A product that had variations was cloned and variations were not setup in the new product as not required. I have had this cause issues with microdata showing as out of stock and google picking it up and not showing in the shopping results. I have now changed in PHPmyadmin back to a basic 'P' product and it seems OK. This is not the latest version but still.

It seems even when a product is set to 'do not track' with a stock qty of 0 - the microdata says out of stock?