Changing default root folder for pages (and blog)

I have asked cs-cart for a mod as one included in support they say this is too complex for that. On face value it seems like it shouldn’t be too hard if you know what you are doing. Does this require a developer or can someone with slightly less than half an idea (being me) be guided to implement it?

Seeking mod that when a vendor selects “root level” as their parent page it is created at [www.[storefront_domain]/[vendor_store]/my_page] (instead of [www.[storefront_domain]/my_page]).

For Example: In my case my storefront domain is and I have a vendor called my-first-shop.

If a my-first-shop creates a page called “home” and selects “Root Level” as the “Parent Page” the web address for that page would be


Desired: i.e. I want the “root level” to map the micro-store, not the storefront

I note that the storefront admin panel pages “root level” should still map to the storefront.

Rational It allows vendors to create a homepage without givng them access to the vendor layout (risky, they break things). Additionally vendors can then all have “welcome”, “about us”, “our blog” etc pages without creating conflicting web addresses (because the vendor store name is in the middle).

Gurus? (@ecomlabs @soft-solid)

Yes, it is possible to change the SEO module in such a way. But this is not a trivial task