Changing All Internal Links From Nofollow To Dofollow - How To?


I've started using SEMRush. One of the features is a Site Audit. It lists 15,669 internal links that are all NoFollow. I want this to be DoFollow. How can I change this quickly, is it possible?

Are you sure? sometimes you need nofollow if the content isnt site relevant thus diluting your seo for what you really need.

Sometimes things like SEMrush, can be misleading

There's a lot of reading that backs up the SEMRush report on internal links being DoFollow.

etc etc. :grin:

Still looking for thoughts/ideas on this one

I had a look at a couple of your pages and you do not need to change anything as far as I can see. All of the irrelevant content have nofollow like Cart, Checkout, Account, etc..

Relevant content would be Categories, Products, About us, Terms, etc..

Nofollow is set dynamically. I.e. if a link requires login authentication then it is usually set to rel="nofollow" and certain links are always set to no follow like "auth.login_form". The goal is to not keep sending a robot down a hole that takes them to an immediate dead end.

Suggest if you want some site's robot to follow links that you create them an account and have them synthesize a login and carry the SESSION so all the dynamic no-follow links will then have the attribute rel="nofollow" removed from the tag.

This will allow you to secure pages as you do for normal use while still enabling the robot to traverse your site.

What does CS-Cart team say about this issue?

What does CS-Cart team say about this issue?

Apparently nothing...

Ok thanks for the input all. Have noticed that most of the results from SEMRush are duplicate I.E a checkout/cart/profile link from every product page. Not so concerned now. Ta.