Changing ADD TO CART and ADD TO WISHLIST buttons to images!

Hi all

I’ve read a few threads about changing the look of these, specifically to IMAGES. Most information seemed to be about 1.x though which doens’t work anymore (I don’t think). The best I have come up with is either :

  • Changing the CSS which works but has text over the button, AND every button is then changed, not just the ADD TO CART ONE

  • Changing the TPL files, and pointing to the image, but the javascript doesn’t do anything and clicking the picture does nothing.

    Is there any good, SET way to change these icons?

    Many thanks,


WOW, it worked! Finally!!!

Now I just need to get the buttons NEXT to each other rather than on new lines!


I did a thread on this a little while back. I did it for 2.0.12, but it still works for 2.0.14. You can see the thread at:


Hope it helps,


That’s the thread I actually ended up using :wink:


any idea on how to make them on the same line?

I just set this up on my test site at:


As you can see the images are inline. Just follow the instructions and I would think it would be the same for you.

Let me know,


Sorry mate, which instructions?

The first post at:


Describes how to make the add to cart button an image, but the last post explains how to make the add to wish list an image. If you do both you will notice that the two images will be inline.

By the way, this was done for 2.0.12, but there haven’t been any changes so this should also work just fine for 2.0.14.


Might depend on the style used maybe.

I made both changes and it worked, but they were under each other.