Change view of Wishlist

My client sells liquor to different companies, and they are wanting a whishlist type of feature on the website so they can always re-order what they usually order.

My problem is i have the whishlist feature turned on, i changed some of the things on there, but when i go into the addon settings to change the layout look of the actual wishlist, i cant click on the settings button. There is a couple of global options on there, and they are wanting their clients to just click on the wishlist, and from there add however many products they want to their shopping cart, as well as pick whatever size bottle they want to order as well.

Im going to attach a photo explaining exactly what they are wanting.

Please Please help, its been past my deadline to complete their website, and this is the only thing that is holding me back from launching.

Thank you!


To make life easier for you, just tell the customer to login and view their orders. They can view a previous order and there will be an option to reorder the order. I cannot remember or not but you may need to configure the settings to allow reorder?