Change vendor's microstore layout + some custom modifications

Hello! I’m looking for an independent developer for some modifications.
License - Multi Vendor Standard
Brief task description:

  1. Customization of the vendor microstore page:

Add a banner at the top, below on the left the logo and name, on the right: the city of location and a “Contact us” button (I will provide the source files). Below add tabs: Products, About us.
Add the ability for the vendor to upload their own banner. After uploading, there should be admin moderation. It doesn’t matter where to add fields in the menu or create a separate tab - either option works.

  1. Vendor Locations:

Implement a small Google Maps block with a custom location on the product page, and add a “Location” tab.
Vendors should be able to add their location in their settings, using the Google Maps API.

I will provide a complete technical specification and visualization upon request.

If you do not find independent developer, our team is at your service