Change The Whole Site Across To Https.

Hi, I followed this link but my canonical links aren't correct then.

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

I have the 'CS-Cart SEO Ultimate 3.0' plugin and the following chat with Louis from there. See attachement.


So basically, I'm trying to find out if I can run ALL my store through https and have all the conical links for SEO pointing at https too. Not sure who deals with what. e.g CS CART or CS-Cart SEO Ultimate 3.0?

Any help to clarify would be great.




Hello, maybe my post isn't very clear after re-reading it.

To elaborate, we have a SEO specialist working with us and CS CART and they tell me using SSL across the whole site will bring SEO benefits.

Is it possible to have SSL working across the whole site and have https canonical links?



Having the whole site on SSL only brings marginal benefits in ranking. There are far more important things to concentrate on for SEO than SSL. If you find you are neck and neck with your competitors in the search results, going SSL might give you a slight advantage over them, but not much.

On your list of top 20 SEO things to have in place, this would be somewhere around 19 or 20.

Thanks for coming back. I appreciate that and its what the SEO chaps say too, but there's the advantage of keyword data which they mention later on. So is it possible with CS cart or not?

“[size=2]While the advantage is only slight in rankings, the other benefit of early adopters of SSL can be for example more keyword data later on.”[/size]



I've no idea what they mean by “more keyword data later on.” Explain further and maybe we can help.

Hi, our SEO chap said this: “Migrating the site to HTTPS is not a huge gain in terms of SEO (it is critical in the audit as an approach, because if it's not implemented, some recommendations based on that will change.). I’d recommend prioritizing the content and other aspects before working on this. I assumed that it is not that difficult, but if it takes a lot of work and creates additional issues, it might make sense to postpone this. But it undeniably helps on the long run.”

But I'd like to confirm if there's a problem in getting this working? And if there is whats the fix. We ran our last site across https without any problem and so would like to do the same with this CS Cart version.



I don't think it's hard to do. In fact, I think there are posts elsewhere on the forum about how to do it so you could try searching.

SSL will kill the speed of your site. CS-Cart has speed issues anyway, and if you run full time on SSL you're going to double your load times. This could have a negative impact that far outweighs any “slight” ranking gains you might achieve.

No, not really. Once the site is in https, it continues to work just as fast as when it isn't. The speed issue is when it transitions back and forth. If the whole site is in https, you shouldn't see a huge difference in speed.

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No, not really. Once the site is in https, it continues to work just as fast as when it isn't. The speed issue is when it transitions back and forth. If the whole site is in https, you shouldn't see a huge difference in speed.


Are you sure about that? I thought SSL encrypts everything as it passes back and forth from server to browser.

Simple answer is http is generally faster than https. HTTPS however can be easily tuned to close the majority of that performance gap. Implement SPDY, HSTS, OCSP and optimize your TLS.

HTTPS generates approximately 1.8X the data as HTTP due to the encryption. This is probably barely noticeable on an Ethernet or wireless network. However, on a low processing speed device (like phone or tablet) and a poor data connection like LTE or other data plans, the difference in user-perceived performance is significant. Remember, the client (the device displaying the page) has to not only read all the additional data over the network, it has to store it in memory and then unencrypt it before it can process the html. You can change the underlying protocols (of which the newer ones are geared toward https) but you can't get around the physics.

Chrome team is considering to mark all http sites as unsafe. Which would be a major problem for webshops.

We shouldn't allow one company to determine who sees what on the internet. So much for their backing of net neutrality!

Such a wonderful company (NOT) and we've given them the power to do this. They are starting to make Microsoft and AT&T look like the good guys! Hopefully an anti-trust suit will rip them apart.

While I do not agree with it, I can see why they are doing it. With the NSA demanding and harvesting big data from Google and the other big companies making the whole web encrypted will slow that dangerous practice down.

I doubt Google has your or my best interests in mind. As with most things, the people with the least are penalized the most.