Change The Background Color Of Subscribe Section / Social Section

Hi togehter,

i want to change the background color of subscribe section / social section at the bottom of my page. Furthermore i would like to change the font color of this section.

I know, that i have to add a code to the CSS section. But to which file, style.pcl.css? If I have the right code, do I have to replace the old code or just add the new one?

And is there also a way, to change to color of the "Abonnieren" button? And how do i manage it to get the Facebook and Instagram Icon in one line?

Many thanks in advance and excuse my lack of knowledge.

Best regards



Use CSS section in the Theme editor. It is included last and and styles there will have higher priority

Thank you @eComLabs

But what is the specific code i need to safe in the CSS section of the Theme editor? I'm totally new to CSS.

Thanks in advance!

For example, try

.tygh-footer .ty-footer-grid__full-width {
    background: red;

Thank you!

But now the whole footer has one color, before there where two seperate colors.

Is it possible, to change the color of both footer blocks seperate and also change the font color of both blocks seperate?

Huge thanks in advance!



In this case please use

.tygh-footer .footer-stay-connected {
    background: red;

Thank you once again!

But how do I change the background of the selected area separately? And how do I change the font colours separately?



.tygh-footer .ty-footer-menu {
    background: green;
.tygh-footer .ty-footer-menu li, .tygh-footer .ty-footer-menu li a {
    color: yellow !important;