Change tax

In all countries of the European Union are charged taxes on sales, stores show the price inclusive of VAT because it is easier for our customers , these customers represent 90% of sales.

To 10% from outside the European Union are not taxed, but the system does not deduct the % of taxes because we set our price with tax included.

Is It possible that when a country outside the European Union does not charge tax?

(price with vat - vat = price )

Why not just set the product price to the actual product price.

Then, in Appearance settings, set “Display prices with taxes on category/product pages” and “Display prices with taxes on cart/checkout pages”, as desired.

Finally, in Taxes, make sure your VAT tax has “Price includes tax” is checked and has a tax rate assigned only for the EU location(s).

Since locations outside the EU have no tax applied, the price shown will be the base product price.


Thanks for help me.

You have a good idea. But to make it work “Price includes tax” not checked and has a tax rate assigned only for the EU locations. (

This is a solution, but customer see two prices one great in red (exclude tax) and other smaller and gray (include tax - real price). I am sure that some customers claim.

I think make a promotion for customers not EU and deduct VAT, but I don´t like this solution.

Again thanks for help me.

You could probably change this in the template/css so that the price including tax is the item shown in bold red and show the price exc tax in smaller gray. It would take a little work but could make the display conditional so that the appropriate customer price is shown in bold.


Thanks bob,

I think change template, it is a good solution.