Change Sequence of Checkout Steps


I want to change sequence of checkout steps

Default sequence : User info → Address → Payment & Shipping → Review & Place

I want: User Info → Address → Review & Place → Pay Now (payment & shipping)

I am using only one shipping method, it calculate shipping on basis of weight. And my store is customized enough so I am not thinking of future upgrades at this stage too.

So to achieve above desired sequence I have did below changes

  • Replaced code of step_three & and step_four file (so now order summery, customer notes will be displayed on third stage and payment options on fourth stage)
  • Put code of Continue Button on step three file, added update_step & next_step hidden fields on step three
  • Put code of place order on fourth step, removed update and next step form fields from fourth stage.

    Everything working fine, it shows order summery on third step, click on continue button it will show payments options, and click on place order button it will redirect to payment processor and order will be placed.

    BUT issues is, on fourth step if i change payment method, it flash payment method changed notification and now if I try to go on any previous step and then click on continue continue to come back on fourth step. It stucks third step (review order stage).

    When I click on continue button on third step, it change URL to &edit_step=step_four, it displayed payment method change notification but don;t shows fourth stage.

    So can any one please help how to fix this?



Error occurs when I change payment method, if I don;t change payment method everything is fine. Looking into payment methods listing code, on radio button it is showing code


So probably need to check 'checkout' controller

Looking in to that.

any one please guide me. Still not able to figure out out to fix this issue.