Change order of grid

I want to add a new grid / blocks that will appear on all pages. In design blocks, I can add more grids to the default footer, but they always go to the bottom of the footer area. Is there a way to move the grids up or down?

Drag and drop?

From my experience there is no way to move grids you have to delete and readd in the order you want them.

Thanks for the answers. Drag and drop is not possible. I think solesurvivor is correct: you have to add them in the order you want them to appear. This is a VERY clumbsy way to do it. I hope this is a furture improvement.

actually in table bm_grids you see an order column… now we just need to figure what is what

seems they are preparing for this but no code yet,

another alternative i made

add your new grid… ( it will appear under the other one) you want to move it up ?

add class test1 to grid that you want to move… add class test2 to the one you want to jump over.

go to the layout… example = default.

click gear, export → unselect all, select default → export

edit xml … find test1… put befor the other one… reimport and bang…

First create a main grid of width16 size .

Then move it up and down with drag drop.

Please note : It is very difficult move the grid once you place the block inside it. Always first move the Base grid without block to the place where you want to place the block in the layout.

After that you can add more grid and block in it.