Change my checkout page

There have been a couple of threads about changing the checkout page and I am trying to figure out how to do what I want.

I like the 1 page checkout, but I feel it needs a couple of improvements. First I see no reason to have the products listed in the checkout page. I feel that by this point the customer has added the products to the cart and viewed them in their cart so they probably already know what is in there and don’t need to be reminded at the point of checkout. Plus I feel with the cart on the checkout page the page is to busy and it is hard to figure out what is going on.

Anyways, what I am trying to do is change the second step which is when the customer enters their billing information. What I currently have is:

The customer still has to click the link to put in their shipping information and this is the part I don’t like. I was able to get both the billing info form and the shipping info form to show up, but the shipping info wasn’t populated when the billing information was entered.

What I really want is something similar to:

A couple of things that you will notice. First the shipping info form and the billing info forms are side by side. This is something I really would like to figure out. The other main thing is that there is a checkbox to populate the shipping information.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this?

On other thing I wanted to find out about is all my orders are shipping via UPS or by freight. UPS and freight don’t deliver to PO boxes. Is there any way to have a script check the shipping information to be sure that there is a physical address to ship to. If the script only sees a PO Box than the customer is brought back to the shipping information form and asked to complete the form with a physical address.

I am willing to pay for these “mods”, but it would be a lot nicer if anyone has any ideas and is willing to share them for the benifit of the entire community.

Thank you and sorry for the long post,


[QUOTE]First I see no reason to have the products listed in the checkout page.[/QUOTE]

I agree. On my current site I have removed the cart contents box and used that column for a ‘contact details’ block, ‘helpful links’ block and a block with credit card and secure site icons. Adding the live help would be nice there too when it is put back into 2.0.x

I would like to know if the entire check out process could be done with hooks so that a checkout add-on/module could be made and “hooked” in so that it would not require redesign when there is an upgrade.

I probably need the cart contents to show. The opposite of the above posts. My biggest complaint is that a customer can not change the contents of the many text fields after adding to the cart. It is distracting after a certain point in the one page checkout, which is why I am rethinking this and may want a two or three page checkout. The cart would be editable for just one or two of the pages.

Would be good if the “hook” feature could be used.