Change menu background and font in cs cart version 4


I am trying to edit the top menu of version 4 cs cart. I am very much familiar with with version 3 where I created a style.css in my change folder and overrided all the dropdown.css file in it.

Now cs cart version 4 uses bootstrap css file for the top menu with dynamic colors selector at theme editor at admin section.

Is here a way to change the menu background image font and border colour.

What file Do i need to over ride where can I find the css. I see same dropdown.css file but on inspect element its showing some random generated css file from bootstrap

any update guys?

If you can do what you want via the theme editor then you need to add a custom .LESS file. The steps are in the knowledge base under my_changes.

Please follow [url=“Dive into CS-Cart 4 Customization: Themes, Presets, and Layouts | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace”][/url]


[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]


@vali thanks for the link .

Its easy to change background colour and font color there but there is a gradient background (grey) image shows up even if you keep background color to pure white “fff”

Its showing separate for firefox Ie and chrome. (I managed to remove for Chrome and Firefox but not able to find the exact code for IE this cache css shown in Inspect element is really making it hard to find the exact file. I tried searching dropdown.css file for the code but not able to find the exact line.