Change Link Size in Blog

When I add a link in the blog (using blog addon), it always defaults to font size 11, no matter what size I choose in the editor.

It will show the correct size in the editor but when I publish the post it automatically changes it to font size 11. How can I change the font size to 12?

Please provide us with the URL of this page? We will try to help you with CSS

See example of the following: What is Pepper Spray? | where the text link “Pepper spray” is smaller than the regular text.

The only solution I recently figured out is to add font-size for each link to “medium”. If I set font-size to 12 if automatic sets the text link to 11 which is the default size.

I would like to chance CSS for blog posts so all font size is 12 including the text links.


Please add to the CSS section of the Theme editor

.ty-blog-grid span a {
    font-size: 12pt;
.ty-blog-grid a span {
    font-size: medium;

But this may affect another blog posts. It is better to switch wysiwyg editor to the source code mode and add required font size for the links there

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Thanks for your help. The change doesn’t make the default blog text size 12pt when I open page to post a blog (default text size is 11pt), but when I create a link it makes the font size 12pt. So this is good enough.

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When I bold text it decreases font from 12pt to 11pt. But when it’s a link this doesn’t happen with your help above. How can I fix this in the Theme editor? I can’t figure it out. I added

See example at 7 Crucial Steps to Survive a Mass Shooting. I bolded “Run” but it decreased size to 11pt.

You can add

.ty-blog-grid span strong {
    font-size: 12pt;

Thank you. Works perfect!!

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