Change Link Size in Blog

When I add a link in the blog (using blog addon), it always defaults to font size 11, no matter what size I choose in the editor.

It will show the correct size in the editor but when I publish the post it automatically changes it to font size 11. How can I change the font size to 12?

Please provide us with the URL of this page? We will try to help you with CSS

See example of the following: What is Pepper Spray? | where the text link “Pepper spray” is smaller than the regular text.

The only solution I recently figured out is to add font-size for each link to “medium”. If I set font-size to 12 if automatic sets the text link to 11 which is the default size.

I would like to chance CSS for blog posts so all font size is 12 including the text links.


Please add to the CSS section of the Theme editor

.ty-blog-grid span a {
    font-size: 12pt;
.ty-blog-grid a span {
    font-size: medium;

But this may affect another blog posts. It is better to switch wysiwyg editor to the source code mode and add required font size for the links there

Thanks for your help. The change doesn’t make the default blog text size 12pt when I open page to post a blog (default text size is 11pt), but when I create a link it makes the font size 12pt. So this is good enough.

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