Change Homepage Title Tag


I configured my index.tpl file to reflect the way I would like title tags to look, in case they are not entered manually. This is the code I used:


{if $page_title}



{$product.product_code} | {$product.product} | Order Now Toll Free



Everything works just fine. However, despite having a specific page title in the Site Layout section (I am using v. 2.0.12), my homepage title is "[B][I] | | Order Now Toll Free[/I][/B]", as if it is not defined in the site layout.
I tried to clear the cache and change the "page_title" in the languages section but nothing helped.
Anyone knows how to fix this?

$product will not be defined on all pages (categories, index, etc.) You might want to modify your code to look something like:

{$product.product_code|default:“Our Store Name”} | {$product.product|default:“The Best Widgets”} | Order Now Toll Free

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Works great.