Change From Free To Trial Mode

I did a new install for a friend of mine, and was stupid to do it from Softaculous in cPanel instead of manually. The result is that the cart is in Free mode, and i need it to be in Trial mode. Anyone know how to change this? I would prefer not to do the install again, as we have already started working on the store.


Here is the answer to your problem,on the cs-cart site:CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Thanks for the answer, but the problem is that once the cart is set to Free Mode it is not possible to switch to Trial Mode, even if the installation is one day old.

Settings->Licensing mode

Not sure it will allow you to but that is where it is located.

Hi Onkel_Sid,

It looks like a bug. Softaculous uses a package that was downloaded some time ago.

I will ask them to fix this issue.

But do you know how to fix it without doing a new install?