Change Footer Text

I know this is probably something that is easy but I can’t seem to find it. I want to change the footer font size, I have gone thru I think all of the style sheets in the admin and can’t see where it is done. Anyone know?

i worked with span style in the html blocks. Lot easier and you can give each block different styles

Example Copyright


All Prices are in € and Incl.Btw.
All Rights Reserved ©

2015 YourWebsiteName


Different Font type:


Hope This help You further

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Thank you, that is finally what I did, made a block to use.

I saw your site yesterday, loved it!! How did you get the background head image to stay fixed? Via the css I'm guessing. I wanted to fix my background but could figure out where to code it.

Hi, thank you

You can do this with the visual editor of your theme.

By cutomize, the dropdown menu: Choose background and general. There you see a wheel you can click on it and choose the background and positions, fixed.

You can also add css code to the background

example Css Code:

position: fixed;

or used in the background url css.

background: url('design/themes/basic/media/images/patterns/Demo/general_bg_image.png') top center no-repeat fixed;

That is another issue I have, no changes I make using the visual editor stay, I click save and in a few seconds it reverts back to the original look, any idea what causes that?

See, when you edit layout the automatic cache is on or enabled.

Another issue can be the permissions on the template theme. See that the folder in ftp and his content is set to 777(chmod)

OMG, I just tried again and it saved my rounded corners but when I tried to load the page my site is gone and I have this error:

LESS parse error: failed at `

What happened, my site is gone, the client is going to kill me, how do I fix this??

OK, I changed the template and I got it back BUT, I had to change the template name … this worries me, I am afraid my site may just disappear for no reason. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

Did you use before the live editor?

Normaly you need to see that current CSS theme is loaded before editing and saving.


Also, create always a backup before you edit or do somthing that can messup your website.


None of the themes I created have a thumbnail because the editor isn't saving them:

Snap 2015-01-08 at 09.25.22.png

[quote name='macat' timestamp='1420737940' post='201994']

None of the themes I created have a thumbnail because the editor isn't saving them:


that is because you need to make a screenshot yourself and upload it to your theme folder.

then it will show the image.


OH, duh … I have a question for you.

I am making this store in one of my sub domains, the real site will be on his real domain, he has a store there now and wants to wait until I finish this before he switches to this store so he won't lose any customers. How hard is it going to be to switch to his real domain once I am done, will I have to redo everything on the new domain or can I just change the company website address to his domain name?

I am a little worried about that I don't want to have to do the whole thing over.

If I do have to create a whole other store, can I just import the css, products and graphics and have it work?

Is this on the same server?

i did it on the same server and domain but moved this to a folder named testsite.

So url example: [url=“”][/url]

So the old shop can running while you do setup the new store. Set the store offline.

Afer the new store is finished and ready for the move, you need to change the url settings from subdomain to real domain and update the cache.than its ready to move the files to real domain.

I used filezilla ftp for moving from folder to the root.

After the files are moved login to admin on the real domain.

I wil post later a few kbscart from moving from same server or different sever and domain

that help you further.