Change Detailed Product Title Font Size Cs-Cart 4.1.1

Wich line in css and which css file responsible for detailed product title font size?

Ask for [color=#ff0000]CS-Cart 4.1.1[/color]

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Some Gurus can answer this questions.

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You can change it by amending the Headings font size in the theme editor.

Also you can add the mainbox-title class to the custom css in the theme editor to change it.

If you want only the product title font size to be changed and no other mainbox titles then you'll need extend the definition, product-info mainbox-title should do it.

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You can change product title font size in this file [cs-cart root folder]/design/themes/[current theme name]/css/scheme.less on 66 line.

But the easiest way is the usage of Theme editor → Customize → Fonts → Headings. Also you can add to Theme editor → Customize → Custom css the following code:

.product-main-info h1.mainbox-title, .product-quick-view.product-main-info .quick-view-title {
font-size: xxx px;

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