Change Coupon Code Arrow Icon to Apply Like v2.x

In my version 2.x cart the was the word “Apply” to the right of the box where one enters a coupon code or gift certificate. In the version 3.x cart, it's just a right facing arrow. Non-savvy people can't figure out why their coupons aren't working. Is there an easy way to go back to having the word “Apply” to make it more obvious that the person actually needs to click something for the coupon to be registered?


just a guess but have you tried changing the image to one that you created saying “apply”

then altering the .css of the .go-button


John's method is probably the simplest method and easiest to manage for upgrades - I had a quick look into it and managed to change it quite easily, by adding a but_role=“text” to the {include} for buttons/go.tpl and then changing the code to incorporate a text-link instead of a button, however, this is generated on the cart/checkout pages as /skin/your_skin/addons/gift_certificates/hooks/checkout/discount_coupons.override.tpl - so expect there to be virtually no conflicts if you do as John has said and apply the CSS changes using hooks.

Any ideas on how to do this with V4?