Change checkout completion

When someone finishes checkout, I want them to go to a special page - not to the account area. This special page is going to have Google Analytics conversion scripts and special promos on additional upgrade purchases - stuff that can’t be included in the account area.

Also, when there is an error with the credit card it absolutely should not setup an invoice for the customer - it should display errors right on the page where the credit card information is entered to make it simple for the user to fix their error and submit a successful transaction. This is probably one of the biggest usability flaws of CS Cart I have found thus far, and to me it is a really big one.

I do agree with your error handling idea. I know that it would have saved me a few sales in the past. maybe it’s something you can request. As for the upsells I think it would take a fair amount of modifications to make this work out.

This is discussed in the following thread:


It is supposedly in development.


Beyond just changing the error handling, I want a “thank you” page that it goes to after successful transaction - not the account area. This is also part of most shopping cart systems. When testing, I get confused myself what is going on when I submit an order that actually worked. I want a very obvious “Thank you, we have your money!” page.

I might have to hack together something that overrides the normal success process and forwards the user to a static Thank You page.

You should post a new feature request to the Bug Tracker. Since they will be in the same code anyways, maybe they could address this at the same time they work on [url][/url]


There is a request to improve both the handling of failed orders and to provide a thank you page for successful orders in the UserVoice area. You can vote and leave your comments here:



If you are looking for an immediate improvement, there is a 3rd party addon that will provide the user with reasons for failed payments. They see the same error we are given on the admin side…


I used it along with modifying my order details template to reduce my failed orders.

As for the ‘thank you’ page, when I place an order, I am sent to an “Order Info” page. You could modify the template to add a thank you message. /customers/views/orders/details.tpl


I am aware of the mod (and even thanked Tony for creating it). However, this is a fundamental part of any cart and needs to be addressed in the standard version of the cart, not third-party mods and user hacks, and should be given the highest priority.

I know you are aware of it, but I was recommending it to the OP since it is an immediate fix in the mean time.

[quote name=‘ogia’]I know you are aware of it, but I was recommending it to the OP since it is an immediate fix in the mean time.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, it is great that Tony has at least provided an option for those who must have this immediately. But it is still a shame that it is not properly addresses in the standard cart and I really want to keep the heat on.

It has been mentioned by several people that CS-Cart tends to offer a lot of ‘gee whiz’ new features that are not really needed by most customers while overlooking the problems that affect the majority of their users.