Change Category URL - SEO Mode

I’ve changed a Category Name from ‘Foo’ to ‘Foo Bar’ but the URL remains ‘Foo’. How can I change it to ‘Foo-Bar’? I’ve cleared the cache and disabled / re-installed the SEO Add-On as I can’t find any way to edit - seems to me it should have been an automagic update.

The seo url path is under the add-on tab - Sno

When you change the category name you also need to go to the addons tab and remove the SEO name. This will automatically rebuild the SEO name of that category.

Alternatively, you could just change the SEO name and not the category name. Most of my categories are set up this way. A lot of my category names are too long to fit into my menu, but I want the SEO name to be descriptive so I went this route.

Doing it this way also helps me eliminate how CS-Cart builds duplicate named categories. For example:

I have a few categories called 24 Inch

CS-Cart would build those as:






So I wanted to keep the title of 24 Inch because it makes sense on my site, but I didn’t want the cart to do the SEO names that way. So I manually entered the SEO names like:





I know that is a little more than you asked, but I hope it helps anyways.


Thanks, but feeling stupid here - Under Administration → Add-ons I do not have ‘SEO name’ or ‘URL Path’ or anything that appears related to URL’s, SEO, Paths, category’s or links. I have “SEO (requires Apache + mod_rewrite installed)” and that only allows for Product and Category URL type.

Add-ons when editing the category… got it! That made no sense to me at all so never clicked it as the URL or Path isn’t an Add-On… learning!

Thanks S-Combs, found right as you posted.

And… very glad I did as the admin appears to have changed just about every Category name - some cross mapped with A having path B and B path A. Yikes. Why isn’t this automatic?