Change Add To Cart Button on Product Lists Page

I want to put a different button on my product list page, As i think its highly unlikely anyone will want to “add to cart” from that page, without seeing all the product details.

I want that button to say “View Product” & on the product page they can “Add to cart”

I think this should be the default way store buttons should be setup. As a potential customer may not know that you click on the item for full product details…

Does anyone know how to do this ??

But repeat customers wouldn’t need to go to the product detail page, and may be annoyed by being forced to do so. Just a thought…

I would like to know how to do this too. I am going to be selling expensive dolls (and almost everything has multiple options) so it isn’t something customers are just going throw in the cart and be done with it - they are going to want to view all the details.

I know when it has options it says select options, but I changed my product list and it doesn’t do that - it stays with the button. I still want the button but I want to change it to “view details.”