Change 'product Added To Cart' Notification To Simple As Default

Hello, so I wanted to change the window/notification that pops up when you add a product to your cart. I want just the simple green bubble on the upper right corner of the screen instead of the grey one that shows you the product and then asks if you want to Checkout.

I was going through checkout.php and saw what I want:

if (!empty($_REQUEST['notification_products_simple'])) {
$msg = '';
if ($product_cnt > 1) {
$msg = __('products_number_added_to_cart', ['[number]' => $product_cnt]);
} else {
$msg = __('product_name_added_to_cart', [
'[product]' => implode('',
array_map(function($added_product) {
return $added_product['product'];},
fn_set_notification('N', __('notice'), $msg, 'I');

Instead of the one directly below it:

                } else {
                    $msg = $view->fetch('views/checkout/components/product_notification.tpl');
                        __($product_cnt > 1 ? 'products_added_to_cart' : 'product_added_to_cart'),

I can see the if condition for that to happen is !empty($_REQUEST['notification_products_simple']),

so I just wanted to know if I had to change my settings in the admin panel to make the first one the default? or do I have to do it manually somehow?

There is no need to use the notification_products_simple condition in your case. So you can remove it. But please note that in default notification you should use added_products array instead of added_product one