Central Shipping Service Integration For All Vendors


I've installed standard UPS integration, but as far as I understand it's rather modest. What I'd be interested in is to have the following options:

  • - vendor orders courier with one click using central UPS account (set up by admin) in this case it's the central store that settles the shipping costs with UPS
  • - vendor is able to print labels
  • - tracking order is fetched from ups after ordering shipment
  • - order status is set to 'shipped' automatically based on UPS API rather than vendor having to update it manually
  • - order status is changed to 'complete' based on UPS API

My question is - is there any integration (with UPS or other service) that provides these functionalities? I'm talking about integrated one, not using 3rd party solutions like aftership etc.
If there's no such integration, any guidelines as to how to best implement this would be great.


Hi there,

Were you able to make any progress on this question? I am looking for a similar integration.


Wasn't that hard, these guys (cs-cart.pl) adjusted the built-in integration and it suits the requirements I mentioned at the beginning. I witched from UPS to another provider in the meantime, however, so currently I'm using a differnt solution.