Cdn Configuration S3 Bucket


Is it possible to move all media (images, attachments, file uploads) out of my CS-CART installation?

I have connected CDN to use with a web server origin. The web server origin is the same as where my CS-CART installation is located.

But what I would like to do is keep all production images, attachments and other assets external to my CS-CART installation. This way I can easily create new instances of my CS-CART application for load balancing etc and not worrying about location of files.

I am hoping that if I used cloudfront with an S3 origin, that all files would be stored there

e.g. when I upload a new product image, it goes to S3 rather than my CS-CART file system.

Is this possible?


I just realised that CSCART doesn't setup a S3 cloudfront instance....

I thought I could configure my cloudfront and s3 instance and then tell CS-CART to use a specific cloudfront instance..

Would it be possible to move assets out of CS-CART filesystem?

hi natewallis

we are also facing exactly same issue. We want to store all static content(images/videos etc) in S3. I want to use clouddont using S3 origin. However there are two challenges-

1. How thumbnail will be generated?

2. Offcourse i dont want to keep images/video on 2 places. Normally this is implemented using S3 .

Please share your learning here.

Thanks in advance


We have developed a system by which we can store required files seperately in S3 Bucket. Huge enterprise is using our system.

We can discuss it in details over skype/whatsapp.



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