CC Transaction History


I do not see any Credit Card transactions log in the Orders.

You can very easily change the order totals after customer submitted it and not know how much was actually charged. This seems like a draw back with the cart.

Also - If one updates the order totals, the system will give the option to process the new total amount. Which can be a double charge nightmare.

Any suggestions ?



Depends on your credit card processor and the configuration you use.

Anet and a couple of others allow for AUTH ONLY transactions as well as AUTH/CAPTURE. Many of the cc processors are off-site procesors.

So there’s not a generic answer to your question. Each processor returns a different set of parameters.

I do agree that the cart should keep track of how much wash charged against a given order and I do not know of anywere it is done.

I am using paypal pro.

Volusion manages to do this very well.

I feel the cart needs to improve these basic order processing functionality

No option to hide CC info from clerks

No option to view CC transaction History

So when a clerk updates an order to a new total, we dont even know what was charged and what is due.

No option to charge the customer additional funds

No option to give a refund to a customer’s order

These are basic High Priority Order Processing requirements that needs to be addressed before implimenting silly things such as RMA tracking - which is difficult to use nevertheless explain to customer service or a customer for that matter.

The system needs alot of attention to stream line basics in order processing procedures.

any suggestions




Also - I am trying to hide the dashboard from Customer Service Clerks.

They do not need to see this statistics and I see no options in group privileges.

Any Suggestions