CC_Outside.tpl empty

OK, I must be doing something wrong here.

So I’m setting up a copy of 3.0.1 pro. I have selected cc_outside.tpl as the payment template. For some reason nothing is coming up.

I thought maybe it was a setting or something, but nope.

I then took a look at the files. cc_outside.tpl is 0K in size.

So, has anyone else experienced a similar problem? If you did, what did you do o fix it?



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This was explained in the bug tracker, I think.

Basically CS-Cart said that since they want the cart to be PCI compliant, the CC numbers can't be transferred like this. To me, I don't agree. I think the PCI compliance should be up to the shop owner, not the cart.

So far, none of my clients that use CC Outside have wanted to upgrade, so I haven't had to worry about this any more than my original post. I'm sure they'll be wanting to upgrade soon though, and I'll have to worry about this then.

I wish I could be more help.