Caxid templates / technologies review

Just wanted to let you know I had these guys design and integrate a template for me an they have been great.

I sent them an example sitre and within 1 days I got a mockup that already looked very nice. We changed some small things and were happy fast. They even made me a banner without asking.

Implementation went good as well. They always responded very quickly and even worked on weekends.

Value for money was excellent… so I can do nothing but recommand

I must warn you about this Caxid company. It is an Indian company constantly changing programmers, a total disaster to work with, some of them can not communicate correctly in English thus understanding wrong the work to be made. I hired them for a job and once was enough.

Recenttly I decided to purchase a template, no code work involved, just the template, so I thought it would go ok.

The template was all wrong, the sliding banners was not working and columns were not aligned well so I asked them to fix it, they asked for more money to fix it, I angrily refused and never heard from them again. I even opened a paypal dispute to make them answer and nothing happened.

Paypal, as usual, closed the dispute without returning the money because they do not middle in non-tangible goods.

Paypal is paradise for scammers and unprofessional designers.

Be aware, hiring Caxid for any job including tempaltes is wasting your precious time and money.

I used Caxid as well to purchase a template. They were great for me. I had a few issues with their stock template and they resolved the issues quickly without dispute or demanding for more money. I have and will use them again based on my experience.

I'm glad for you and for your good experience with CAXID, mine was awful with them and obviously I'm in my right to expose it and warn others before it's too late.

Today, at the very moment I'm writting this, they're chatting with me thru skype in a dialect I can hardly understand, totally broken English (notice I'm not even an English speaker myself)

I am now demanding a fixed template or my money back and they reply “sorry, we out of station for past 5 months. Please, we make new work cscart”

I continue to ask until I get a clear idea of they they are trying to say and I will translate it to you. He was trying to justify the lack of replies and the fact they totally ignored me by saying they were “out of station” whatever that means. The funny part is I bought the problematic template directly from their website, got it wrong and then was asked for money to fix it, all within the past month. They seem not to be “out of station” for asking for more money to fix a template that was supposed not to have troubles in the 1st place.

On the other hand, “we make new work cscart” means they are willing to take a new order from me for a cscart project.

Yeah, right!

Well i must say i am wary happy whit caxid. i bought a skin hoping it worked whit 2.2.4 (it was for 2.2.2) i send an email afterwords becurs of some problems. (this was 22 December i think) i got an email back saying that they will offcours upgrade the template to 2.2.4 but thay need 3 days to do it and would send it to me free of charge. the next day (23 December) i got an email whit the upgrade 2.2.4 file) :-) well i wanted some ekstra stuff done and they almost dit it all free of charge to. the only thing i paid extra for is i wanted a mega menu that only show 1 and 2 level category’s. it should reassemble them so the drop down dit not get to long and the drop down horizontal size. i paid a small amount for this becurs i wanted it done asap. but every thing to get the skin working was free + some extra stuff

i would defently recommend them to otters. the only thing is they are just as bad at spelling English as i am :-P so communication is best whit email and a photo (i used paint) to explain what you mean.

PS. hope the dictionary dit a good job so you can understand this post :-P

I too have had a bad experience with these jokers. Same deal as the others. I bought a template, installed, it did not work, and then they wanted 40 bucks (more than the template was worth) to fix / install it. Not a great way to get a name for ones self.


[quote]they totally ignored me by saying they were “out of station”[/quote]

LOL, I am going to start using that same statement when dealing with some problematic customer whom is wasting my valuable time and has no money, has to be the ultimate conversation ender:

Sorry, out of station, goodbye! :confused: :grin:


bought on 10/03/13 where a Magento-tablete (prepayment) and wait for the answer to the part not reachable by phone on economic e-mail with “Sorry for the inconvenience and delay” gibts still others have since ordered and not get?