Category Tiles And Image Spacing / Border

Is there an addon or simple way to make "category tiles" on my homepage?

For example, each category or selected categories to have an image in a grid that links to the category or categories of designated products?

I could imagine it being a simple html block that is an image with a link and text underneath it that can just add blocks for each category or link... this might be easiest way if there isn't an addon already set up to do it...

Link to example site:

And for image spacing --- how do I reduce the white space gaps between each image of products and categories images? and I want to get rid of the border as well on the products category page... example of what my development site looks like here: (and attached image)



To reduce gaps and remove border, please add the following code to the CSS section of theme editor:

.ty-grid-list__item {
margin: 0px 0px 25px 0px;
.ty-grid-list__image {
border: none;