Category Showing Up In Analytics Behavior Flow That Aren't Real Categories


What is this /page-2/ being added to some of my pages?

I am seeing pages in Google Analytics Behavior Flow such as the following.





When I look at my Categories SEO names, they are the same except for the /page-2/ added on at the end.

I have even seen some that add a /page-3/ to the category name.

It only happens to one out of ten pages shown in the Analytics Behavior Flow.

I'm concerned I have duplicate pages, but I don't see them on the admin side. Can someone explain what this is? I have noticed on the SEO Add-On in Settings:, that Category SEO URL format is set to:


but it happens infrequently so I discounted that as the source of the issue.

So what is going on, and should I be concerned?

Thank you for your time.

These are URLs of the pagination pages. CS-Cart is adding rel=”next” and rel=”prev” on pagination pages (, so SEO should be fine.

Thank you.