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Hello Everyone,

Can somebody help me? I want to get the products of a specific category using a catalog function, something like: fn_get_category_products. Which function I've got to use?

Where can I found the api documentation?

Another question:

Is possible to display a block calling some function in a tpl file?

Another one, I have seen the js/tabs.js Does anyone have any example of how to use this javascript?

Thank you for your help!

function cat_products($cat_id) {
return db_get_fields("SELECT product_id FROM ?:products_categories WHERE category_id=?i", $cat_id);

There is NO api documentation. There really is NO api. It can change on a whim from version to version. Most general functions in the core directory are fairly stable though. New functionality is usually added as new parameters with default values or via a $params argument…

You can call PHP functions from tpl files but it is really NOT a correct way of doing things (other than for like counts, string coversion, etc.). See the Smarty documentation on variable modifiers.

Is there a easy way?

In the products_category table there is only the product id, there aren't the options, the values for the options, etc.

There is no a simple way to get all the product data?


After you get the product ids as suggested by tbirnseth, you need to run the following function to get the product details :

function fn_get_product_data($product_id,$auth)  // without auth param nothing is returned

Thank you shikhar!

Can i get only the selected features to simplify the data collection?

Now i get for each product all the available features and a field selected that mark the feature selected.

Thanks for all your help

No you cannot, you can either turn off the feature values with $features = false or get all of them.

function fn_get_product_data($product_id, &$auth, $lang_code = CART_LANGUAGE, $field_list = '', $get_add_pairs = true, $get_main_pair = true, $get_taxes = true, $get_qty_discounts = false, $preview = false, $features = true)


Thank you very much shikhar!

Out of topic…

Somebody know if there is a simple method to display the product buy page into a light box pop-up?

Thank you!

[quote name='jdivins' timestamp='1325162527' post='128625']

Out of topic…

Somebody know if there is a simple method to display the product buy page into a light box pop-up?

Thank you!


something like product quick view ?


Yes, something like that…

Actually when you click buy article appears a lightbox div, but inside there is only a ok button to confirm add to a cart.

The products I use need to select a final option before put on cart, and this is why I need this interaction