Category position - does it have to be unique?

Hi guys,

i am a little confused.
When creating and editing the categories in the different storefronts, Cs-cart MV once destroyed all the categories for me. I thought it was because i had duplicated the numbering in the categories several times. However, that can’t be, can it?

cs-cart position

Does the position numbering in the categories have to be unique or not?
For example:

  • Categorie A - position 10
    ** Categorie AA - position 10
    ** Categorie AB - position 20
  • Categorie B - position 11
  • Categorie C - position 20
    ** Categorie CA - position 10
    ** Categorie CB - position 20

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Unique position value is not necessary.

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All right. Thanks for the information.

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categories will default to alphabetical order unless rearranged by position number

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