Category Page won't load after editing product options

I have been adding some products to our cart and then editing them - some we’re adding options to, some we’re not. Only the ones with options cause the problem …

… in the store front when you select the category page that these products are in the page won’t load, ie plain white screen and hangs.

If I go back to admin and make the item I have just added unavailable store front works again, however it is very difficult to isolate which part of the editing CS doesn’t like. The only cure that we’ve found is to delete the item and start from scratch, which would not be an option for me. On occasion clearing the template cache works, but the next time it doesn’t???

Has anybody has this problem? Any ideas???


Have now isolated problem to two products, both have options, one was edited today, one edited yesterday. Question, why was yesterday’s product ok up until today??

If make these two products unavailable everything works fine!!! All the products being put on at the moment are fairly generic, and we’re going through exactly same process with each product. Why does CS select some to fail??

If anyone else has had this problem they will appreciate how frustrating it is, 'cos you don’t know it’s failed until you’ve finished.


Yet another update …

We’ve now discovered that whatever the problem is, it has an impact on other products with options, and again category pages that contain these products won’t load. However, if we clear the cache the page will then load.

We’ve also tried entering the store front as a customer (independent of admin), the problem remains, so customers cannot see pages.

I’m stumped - please help if you have any ideas where I go now!


welcome to cs-cart…

That’s what I like to see - the forum spirit, “HELPING THOSE IN NEED”:wink:


[quote name=‘barryh’]

Have now isolated problem to two products, both have options, one was edited today, one edited yesterday.


Do these two products or options have anything in common? Do they both have a checkbox, selectbox or radio buttons. I’d look at maybe a corrupt product_options.tpl.

Are these products clones? Maybe this hasn’t worked correctly.

Is the option a Global Option?

Have you made any modifications on how the options are displayed? If you have, maybe try and backtrace your steps till you find what has changed.

Thanks for reply.

We have tried cloning, not cloning, uploading from CSV, you name it …

Now we’re not sure whether it is down to two products, as another category has now decided to “hang” even though products (with options) for this were added over a week ago. Other categories, lots of products with options, are still loading fine.

Yes we did modify product_options.tpl but that was some time ago and the problem has only just arisen. These mods are only minor - to remove brackets and + sign for prices etc. But I will go back and look at this to check things out.


Ok, have put product_options.tpl back to original state and the problem remains. Back to the drawing board …

Any other ideas let me know please.


Hi All

The issue is continuing and is definitely intermittent! We raised a bug and Zeke looked at it, of course at the time he viewed it was ok.

We have by a process of elimination got it down to a “load category” problem.

HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EDITING PRODUCT, was only coincidence that it showed when we had edited.

We can clear cache and it works again, we can clear cache and it doesn’t work, we can leave it hanging and visit later and it is ok, we can leave it ok and visit later and it hangs. There is no pattern to it at all!

If we search by manufacturer we can view ALL the products in the category without any problems!

If we make the items we think are causing the problem unavailable some times it works and some times it doesn’t.

Category link…[url][/url]

Manufacturer link…[url][/url]

As I am writing this the Category link won’t work, but the Manufacturer link does and always does, so it can’t be the products!?!?

PLEASE can you Guru’s/Techie’s/Coder’s/Geniuses and anyone with intelligence greater than me or an amoeba (amoeba’s please don’t be insulted) help with this problem?

PS Meant to say have loaded firebug (not that I understand it) and it shows “no page” when hanging, and runs “ok” when not!


Hi all

Just to keep you up to date.

I have as you will have guessed been having a few problems, related or not?

I was at the point of doing a fresh install last night out of pure frustration!!!


I had a little snoop around and ended up messing (I mean that) with a file in var/compiled/customer/**********product_options.tpl.php the **** = lots of letters/numbers/symbols. Once in this file I copied it, as I always do so I can go back to original when I have GOOFED. Anyway I played around made a few changes but nothing worked, so I pasted original back and hey presto…

ALL the issues I have been having eg category not loadind, google site map generator errors and full list function not working on front of site ALL work!!!


Not that I am complaining of course, just wondered what can have possibly happened to do this?

BarryH PS have posted this in google site map thread too!

24 hours no problems then BANG problem back!

just shooting in the dark here Barry…based on the circumstance…

Is there a possibility the host is “backing up” your site daily and accidentaly replacing/restoring your site to its “previous” configuration.

I had something similiar happen with one of my adult sites when the password file was being backed up via a cron command, and it was overwriting the “new” file and replacing it with the backup. (it was a config error on the server after an update)

Hi Mike

Don’t think so, we have added stock and made a couple of changes to the site (not scripting) and they are all still there. To be honest with you I am at the end of my tether with it, I raised it as a bug and Zeke said raise as a ticket, waited 48 hours for response (4.30 their time on a Friday) so closed it.

Have noticed I’m not the only one with this issue.

Thanks for your input.


sorry…just plain strange

making other changes that are there would eliminate my theory…you’re right…

Thanks again Mike!


I won’t be posting any more comments on this subject, it’s just too random!

have gone back on site today (without doing anything) and it is 100% ok!!!

I am going to try and ignore this little teaser!