Category menu just disapeared...?

Sometime around me exporting and importing products my category menu has just disappeared… I have been searching for an option that might have changed but have no idea.

Please help… there is little point of my continueing if I cant view any category/products.


I found the answer… however being new I’m not sure why this would cause things to dissappear.

I added localizations earlier this caused my categories to disappear from the front end… Once I go into each category settings and set the localization they appear in the front end menu again. (note this setting only appear after you have localizations).

Be aware that you will also need to specify localizations for top menu, quick links pages, banners, shipping method and payment methods. Definitely creates some extra work (there should be a default handling process) but it also adds a lot of flexibility for store configuration.


I guess… they should be setup first…

Is there any information available that describes their use??

The manual is pretty dry about what they are rather just tells you how to turn them one.


Unfortunately, the manual is next to useless when it comes to explaining the relationships and inter-dependencies of stuff like localizations. They really need to include use cases demonstrating various scenarios and explaining how all this flexibility can be put to use.

In the meantime, we wil all just stumble about and, hopefully, help each other as we learn.