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I posted this is the wrong section, I believe all the mod writers reside here :slight_smile:

I’m currently having my site built by CS Cart guys but the main point that I stated from the beginning to be implemented seems to now be a stumbling block.

It is a car parts website and as such want a way for a customer to select his vehicle first, and the menu would then change to reflect his choice. I’d like the vehicle filter to be a dropdown and the main menu to change dynamically after that selection.

I’d also like the menu to behave as it normally does, so flies out with the subcategories from then on… I’ve put all the products into the database already, by having the vehicle be the root category, and then ‘engine, suspension etc’ being subcategories of ‘each’ vehicle.

Could anyone help with this one?? In a bit of rush as it’s only today that I’m told it’s not really possible,



Nobody interested in some extra cash?

Mod has been created by Joe and is working perfectly!

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Mod has been created by Joe and is working perfectly!


Just wondering what Joe's username is? Could he or you get in contact with me pelase