Category Description: How To Create Responsive 2 Columns?

In the Description field of a Category, I'm trying to split this field into 2 columns each having 1 row. So 2 blocks or cells if you will.

1 Cell/block to contain text

1 Cell/block to contain image

Please see enclosed an example of what I'm trying to achieve. This example was created by inserting a Table into the Description field.


  1. Where/how to tell CS-Cart that the table should automatically expand to the maximum width? We are using CSC 4.1.3 with responsive theme Buyshop
  2. Similarly, the image inside such a table is not acting Responsive as you view it on a smaller screens.
  3. Where/how to tell CSC to remove the table border lines?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance



    Category 2 column question.bmp

Just an update on this question.

I have come to the (reluctant) conclusion that inserting a table into Category/Description field is not the answer. It causes more problems than that it solves…

  1. Table is not responsive
  2. Google Chrome browser & IE browser will not even show the table. Only Firefox will so far.


    So my search continues on how to create 2 blocks inside this field…

    For those interested, please see enclosed screenshot on how the table looks like on the back-end


Try the following construction (if the default responsive theme is used):





Thank you for taking the time to respond.

As we use 'BuyShop' theme, I'm afraid your suggestion will not work. But I will definitely look into it further!

thanks again


i think the best way is using the block section and create a grid from 16 and insert 2 grids from 8.

Than you have 2 column on that page. Do this for every page and insert the blocks.

Hope this is what you looking for?


Hi Anaconda,

Thanks for the suggestion. We looked at grids & blocks but to be honest I do not understand blocks & grids well enough. Allow me to explain:

In the current Category layout, the Category description Field appears to an integral part of ´Main content´ and we do not know how to separate it out of there. See screenshot of Design/Layouts tab Categories.

We looked at the available blocks (´Adding blocks to grids´), but there is nothing there which seems suitable?