Category block does not display products

Dear all, I have been learning CS-Cart version 2.2.5 :grin:, now it has come to my knowledge that ‘Category’ block display only ‘Sub-Category’, but the ‘Products’ that reside inside ‘Sub-Category’ does not get displayed :confused: . Is there any way to make ‘Category’ block to display ‘Products’ that reside inside ‘Sub-Category’. Any help is much appreciated. :grin:

Try this:

Admin>General Settings

Go to the section: Catalog

Check box that says: Show products from subcategories of the selected category

See if this is what you want.


Dear Bob, thanks a lot for the quick reply, I followed your instruction, but however I'm very sorry to say it did not returned the desire result.

To give you better picture I have attached this image.


From your initial description…it seems like you are requesting the exact functionality as described by pbannette. However, given your screenshot, I am taking a guess that you are looking to…

Add a block of type 'Category' to the homepage. This does, as default, display the subcategories of the selected category.

But you want to show the products instead of the categories, am I right?

In this case, you need to choose the block type Products and select the products manually - to show products from particular categories. It's effectively the same idea as your Hot Deals, but you choose Content filling as 'Manual' then select the products.

Dear StellarBytes, thanks a lot for the quick reply. Now I try to explain things in sequence.

  1. In the attached picture you can see I have hovered my mouse over 'Category-Apparel'.
  2. 'Category-Apparel' is displaying 'Sub-Category Kids & Baby, Men, Shoes, Women'.
  3. But when I hover my mouse over any of these 'Sub-Category' the 'Products' that reside inside these 'Sub-Category' does not get displayed.
  4. I want 'Sub-Category Kids & Baby, Men, Shoes, Women' to show 'Products' they hold when I hover my mouse over any of this 'Sub-Category'.

    Hope I have cleared my requirements.