Categories menu style?

Where do you choose the Categories menu style in the new version?

Through the Blocks Manager:


click the edit menu and choose from the pull-down menu…

Great, I see it now. Thanks.

But there seems to be a Bug with it. I set it to the other menu types to see what they look like, but now it will not show Emenu. I select Emenu, but on the site it is not displaying as Emenu.

i just went thru and updated this and it works fine on the beta.

any luck?

It is broken at also. The menu is set for Emenu, but that is not what is showing in the store?

I checked out and EMenu is selected and its the same menu as beta, the flyout menu types.

So I think it is working correctly.

We must be looking at two different pages.

On all my computers:

[url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days has the flyout Emenu

[url][/url] does NOT have the flyout Emenu

Looks the same to me

Looks like they fixed it. Now both look the same to me.