Categories Filter Addon

Well I’ve been complaining about the way the filters work and finally broke down and hired Joe to make the mod for me. Once again Joe did a great job and he is allowing me to share the mod with everyone else.

This mod is pretty darn simple to do. There are only 2 files to this mod. You either have to copy the files over or modify one file. The other file uses the hooks feature.

Instructions are included in the zip file.

You can checkout the mod at:


Click on the category Computers and then filter by price. You’ll notice that not only are the matching products shown, but only the categories that contain those products are shown.

CS-Cart’s default products aren’t the greatest to test this on so if you want you can go to:


and use my features. Not all my features are set up right, but I’m working on it.

Anyways, I hope someone finds this useful. And if you like it make sure you say thanks to Joe.


These guys are rocking!!!

Thanks for the mod!

Once again Brandon, you’re clutch!

I placed the filter on my website and made a few modifications to it, but I do have one question.

If you create a product feature, i.e., on my website I have gemstone type, can you itemize multiple gemstone types as single gemstone types? I have about 500 products. Every product may have one gemstone type, yet some have two, possibly three. Is there a way to establish multiple gemstone types for one product without displaying it within the filter as {diamond, citrine}?

You can see what I am talking about here:


I would like to establish multiple gemstone types for one product, but I need the filter to only show one individual gemstone type at a time.

For example:

I have two products. Both have diamonds, and one has citrine.

I would like the filter to look something like this:

shop by gemstone

citrine (1)

diamond (2)

Not like this:

shop by gemstone

diamond, citrine (1)

diamond (1)

I’m hoping you can help me out.



The dropdown filters are nice, sort of a newegg touch. Would you be willing to post what you did to get the features in dropdowns? I would be interested in this as I feel the filters take up too much space. Newegg does a good job using this method.

Whiplash13, or anyone else come up with a way to list the product features as dropdown fields (similar to newegg)?

Hello from me!

You can check in the following link a problem that i have when i am navigatinng in categories and subcategories where product filters not working properly and not appearing products.

For instance here is a 3rd level category and if somebody clicks in a category will go through to the products where the filters are working. But in this link that you will see filters doen't working.


I didn't find a closer solution for my issue before…so please help me if you can!

Hi nikpony

You probably have some broken files there either from original copy of 403 version or from your custom skin Wineshop from template mela

This is not a 403 bug.