Categories Filling Plain

Hey Guys,

Is there anyway I can limit Categories Filling Plain to a specific Category

for Example I have 5 different Categories






What I need is






and such

Not quite sure what you're asking here…

If you want Category 1 to be the root category and Cat2,3 and 4 to be Subcategories of Category 1, you need to Edit Categories 2, 3 and 4 and select Location: Category 1.

“limit Categories Filling Plain to a specific Category” - can you be a bit more specific if my assumption is not correct as above?

Sure StellarBytes,

I have Main Category








Another Main Category


------->Computer Science






When I use Block Content Categories It's shows everything (both the main Categories with subCategories) but I just Wanna Show the Main Category Food with subcategories using the Appearance type: Plain

Because What I wanna do is








So I can show One Specific Category using Appearance type: Plain.

You could look at this addon CS-Cart Dynamic Category Addon I have it on a site and it works well.