Categories "Active" class only applied in Customization Mode?

I’m setting up my categories in CS Cart in a sidebar block. I set the block to Plain filling type since I wanted minimal styling but all the categories to appear all at once in a long, hierarchal list. The catch; when I click to a category, it doesn’t apply the “active” link to the category you’re on.

After a bunch of playing around, I finally cleared the cache entirely and lo and behold, it worked…but only for one click. Right after that, it wouldn’t dynamically change it any longer. Clear the cache again, it works, but only for one click, again. Repeat, ad infinum.

If I turn on Customization Mode, it works perfectly, probably because that mode constantly clears the cache (or doesn’t write to it).

If I change the block to Dynamic, it works great…but then all the categories are collapsed until you click on a main one (I want them all to show in a long populated list).

Any clues why this is happening? I’m sure we could go about turning off cache, but that seems a bit drastic. :confused:

clues can only come when someone reveals what version they are running.

If you’re running 2.1.x, what is the “backend caching method” you are using (config.local.php)?

Version is latest (2.1.2) and unsure how to check the backend caching method…how can I check that? It’s a clean install on a server, btw, not a local environment. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually, latest is 2.1.2 or 2.1.3.beta, but doesn’t really matter

backend caching method is set in config.local.php. Since you don’t know what it is, you are probably set to the default ‘files’ method.

It sounds as if you’ve discovered a bug where it’s caching a setting that it shouldn’t.