Categoreis Menu Not Displaying

I just upgraded to v1.3.5 from 1.3.4sp2 and the categories menu does not display. The “Manufacturers” and “BestSeller” side boxes display. The debug console shows that the required templates are executing:



[SIZE=“2”]addons/ads/ads.tpl (0.00054)

side_boxes/categories.tpl (0.05131)

categories_pages/categories_tree.tpl (0.03012)

addons/manufacturers/sidebox_manufacturers.tpl (0.00377)[/SIZE]



Any ideas anyone??:confused:

Fixed it! Reloading categories.tpl from repository did the trick

I tried reloading categories.tpl and it didnt work. Can someone post the old categories.tpl file for me to try and reload.



Still need the file??