Catalog Promotions Not Applied To Quantity Discount


I've got a site running and have a promotion on certain products (Catalog Promotion). The price is altered to show the discount (10%) however the bulk quantity prices do not change on the product page.

Example (No promotion)

1 item shows 8.50

10 items shows 8.00ea

Example with 10% discount

1 item shows 7.65

10 shows as 8.00ea

When the products are added to the cart the prices are all correct but the display is confusing.

The products_qty_discounts.tpl file uses the $product.prices array which doesn't have the discount applied.

Any clues on how to alter tis file to show the discount on quantities?



This is an old post, but I would like to revive it. I am having the same issue. In the cart the promotion applied in addition to the quantity discount, which is what we want, but in the price table it shows the quantity price without the promotion applied. Ideally, I would like to show the normally quantity discount with a strike-through, like on the Old Price for a single quantity, and then above it I would like to show the quantity price with the promotion applied.