Cart Tuning Review

Got a FAQ’S Module from this company and its amazing. Love the video tutorials, they really speed things along when adding the mod to your site. Was easy to do business with this company and I would highly recommend. They didn’t install it right away though so if you are in a hurry this might be an issue. But for me I am so busy that it was not an issue. I will use this company again. I like the mod and the ease of adding the SEO to my site. Thanks!


AlmondJoy :-)

Does anybody have recent experience of using Cart Tuning? Their addons appear to only be compatible up to 4.3 and the other cart platforms they used to do addons for are greyed out on their site. Their FAQ addon looks pretty good.

Looks like they are out of business. Their website does not work

[content removed]

I just visited it, seems live to me.

Yes, it works now for me too