cart promotion with product features condition - excluding free shipping some items

The cart promotion gives an option for product features. How is it suppose to determine that since it’s a cart promotion?

We chose to use do a promotion based on product features being “not equal” to an option.

The promotion should only be given if products do not have a certain feature. If a single product with that feature is added to the cart, the promotion is not given, but the moment any item without that feature is added, the promotion is given.

It seems the option should be “all inclusive” or “all exclusive”, otherwise it only works in certain situations. For example, if we wanted to give a promotion to the cart if any single product had a specific option “equal”, that would be fine because it’s “inclusive” by default. But if we want to deny a promotion if any specific product has a feature “not equal” doesn’t work since it isn’t “exclusive”.

Perhaps there is another way to get to our goal. This is the specific issue we’re having. We have a cart promotion for free shipping over $100 excluding AK and HI. There are a few items we have that are freight shipping only regardless of price. This includes some furniture and larger items. How do we exclude them from the free shipping promotion? I added a “shipping” feature, and tried to add the condition “shipping” “not equal” “freight”, but it only works if the only item in the cart is a freight item. The moment something else is added, they get free shipping.

I tried making the free shipping method have a weight max of 50lbs and setting the freight items to over 50lbs, but it will still give the free shipping even though it’s out of the range.

How can this be accomplished? Free shipping over $100 except certain excluded items?

Well, right after posting this I tried something else that seems to have worked.

Rather than:

product feature “shipping” “not equal” “freight”,

I created:

sub-group: if “all” of these conditions are “false”

product feature “shipping” “equal” “freight”

And that seems to provide the exclusion I was looking for :smiley: