Cart-Power: Premium Service

Dear friends!

We’ve launched a new Premium Service option for those who don’t want to spend their time installing and configuring add-ons.

Forget about the add-on issues, as we will do everything for you:

  • Install and configure the add-on

  • Resolve conflicts with the 3rd-party add-ons

  • Adapt the add-on to your theme, even if it is a custom one

  • Upgrade the add-on

  • Adapt the add-on to the new version of CS-Cart

  • Set the highest priority to your add-on modification requests

  • Provide technical support for the add-on while your current upgrade subscription is active

All Terms of the Premium Service

Note: We provide this option for the add-ons compatible with CS-Cart v 4.10.1 and higher.

We’d like to hear your opinion about necessity of such a service for the rest of add-ons. Your short feedback in the comments below is highly appreciated.

The spelling for 'Available' in the banner graphic is wrong..just pointing out..

Dear, Jain.

Thank you for your message. We have corrected the spelling.